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Combination Scales

    Weighing scales are most often round or radial scales that use the method of weight combinations to arrive to the overall target weight. Of course to use the combination of weights, the scale needs to have multiple load cells with a portion of the overall target...

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3 Benefits of Automatic Capping

Product Shelf Life The life of most products will begin to rapidly decrease once it has come in contact with oxygen. If your container is not properly sealed during production, the end consumer may end up purchasing a spoiled product. Automatic capping will help...

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T’was The Night Before Christmas

T'was the Night before Christmas and all through the shop the staff worked feverishly to get the job done. Their families await so Christmas can begin.  Finally, Dad arrives home with a smile on his chin."I have finished my job and am ready to have Christmas begin."...

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Ribbon Savings

The APEL line of labelers integrates Novexx Solutions label heads into each system. Our print and apply systems use the ALX print applicator due to its ruggedness and efficiency to get the job done. The ALX printer utilizes the thermal transfer printing technology and...

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