Automatic Pouch Labeler

Automatic Feeder & Pouch Labeler Model AXL40

The Fully Automatic Pouch Labeler Model AXL40 is a combination of our two most loved machines, the APEL40PL Pouch Labeler and the AXF26 Automatic Friction Feeder. Instead of two separate entities, the AXL40 is appealing for its smaller footprint as well as electrical and mechanical integration. 


  • Poly Pouches
  • Ziplocks
  • Kraft Materials
  • Foil Pouches
  • Valved Coffee Pouches
  • Pouches of 3mil or greater thickness
  • Size Range – 3″ x 3″ – 12″ x 16″


The Fully Automatic Pouch Labeler model AXL40 is a combination of our APEL40PL Pouch Labeler and AXF26 Automatic Feeder. It is appealing to many for its smaller footprint as well as electrical and mechanical integration. Alignment between the feeder and conveyor is no longer an issue, ultimately giving a much more reliable production and assuring pouches being placed straight every time. 

The AXL40 was designed to apply labels onto flat surfaces such as pouches or flat cartons at speeds of 200/minute or more. This machine is built to be user friendly and versatile so operators have less downtime. Select run quantities and track exact unit counts within the HMI Touchscreen. The label head can store up to 16 different product profiles consisting of different label sizes and location of label placement within the machines memory for quick recall during changeover. Additional profiles can be stored in an external memort (SD Card or USB) for uploading. 

As accuracy is our main priority, high friction conveyor belting assists in keeping your pouch straight as it travels down the conveyor for label application. In addition, each machine is outfitted with hold down rails to assist in guiding the pouch from the automatic feeder down the conveyor. A machine properly set up by the operator can apply with +/- 0.5mm accuracy.

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