Pressure Overflow Filler

Pressure Overflow Filler

We offer Level Fillers or also known as pressure overflow fillers that can handle products ranging from thin and foamy, to products with shampoo-like viscosity. Pressure Filler systems fill to a specified level in rigid containers and are accurate to +/- 1/16″ in fill weight if product density remains the same. Our level fillers are available in configurations of 1 to 12 filling nozzles and can accommodate container sizes ranging from ounces to multiple gallons. With stainless steel construction and USDA approved plastics our pressure fillers can stand up to all environments. We have a number of pump configurations based on the type of products being filled and the production rate that is required. Typically we need to know the daily amount of units to be filled to select the right system for you. From a single head piston filler with foot switch to multiple heads with indexing conveyors, we are sure we can offer you a pressure overflow filler that will fit the bill.


  • Fully automated, supplied with a 10 foot powered conveyor with programmable logic controller (PLC) and container sensors that control the machine functions.
  • Container indexing
  • Timing screw or spiral to position oval containers under the nozzles consistently.

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