Fully Automatic Weigh Filling

Fully Automatic Weigh Filling

Fully Automatic Weigh Filling needs a partnership.

It needs a partnership between the manufacturer of weighfill technology, receiver manufacturer (Bagger, Poucher or Indexer), integrator and of course, the customer. Sometimes this is as basic as the purchase of a machine from a manufacturer/distributor. Sometimes this can be complex and detailed, involving many manufacturers and lots of engineering.

We can offer the integration of weigh fillers into form fill seal baggers for your pillow style type of bag. Or the integration into pouchers that would open the pouch and present it to the weigh filler and subsequently seal it. We have experience in the integration of weigh fillers into vacuum formers for fresh products like pasta. Mainly we have integrated weigh fillers into conveyor indexing systems for jars, tubs or cases.

Combination scales are used for serious packaging speeds of 40-50 units per minute and upwards, but also for accuracy requirements. As you use the combination weigh of several weighments to achieve your overall target weight, this method of weigh filling often remains the only option for larger products such as chunks of granola, herbs, salad leaves, pet treats and snacks. 

Increasing the number of weigh buckets increases the speed of the machine but also increases the accuracy as the conroller has a larger number of weighments to choose from. We offer scales with a 10 head combination up to 24 heads. Depending on the product, accuracy of 0.01 gram can be achieved.

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  • Fully Automatic Capabilities
  • Rotary Bagger
  • Bucket Elevator for Easy Loading
  • Vibratory Feeding into Scale
  • Jar Indexing
  • Integration into new or existing Packaging Line
  • Easy to Clean Equipment
  • Installation & Onsite Training
  • Accuracy & Dependability


  • Label Your Pouch or jars with Quality Labeling Equipment
  • Automatically Cap Your Jars
  • Induction Sealing to Keep Products Safe
  • Seal Your Pouches with a Band Sealer
  • Transfer Conveyors, Infeed/Outfeed Tables & More!

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