Pouch Feeder

Accent Xpress Feeder AXF25

Introducing the brand new Accent Xpress Feeder AXF25 to our line of innovative production and labeling equipment. This unit was specifically designed to feed laminated or other pouch materials with several different characteristics into our APEL40PL and APEL70T&B Labeling Machine.

The AXF25 is the first of its kind to positively feed zip lock and child resistant pouches into the conveyor system with the top of the pouch being the leading edge. Top leading orientation is prefered by most producers for many reasons and that causes typical friction feeders to fail as the zip lock would travel through seperators, causing jams and stalls. The AXF25 pouch feeder was designed for that reason allowing easy loading of zip lock pouches or cards.

The system can control the conveyor speed and will stop the conveyor if the magazine runs empty.
Depending on the pouch and application, the feeder can give trigger signals to the label head for accurate application of labels.

The AXF25 Xpress Feeder coupled with the APEL40 pouch labeler or the APEL70 top and bottom labeler will increase your production and reduce your labeling cost. Your ROI will be short and you will ask why you have not done this long ago.


  • Anodized Aluminum Construction
  • CSA Approved Design and Controls
  • Selectable Run Quantities within the HMI Touch Screen
  • Success Report within HMI Touch Screen
  • Predictive Pouch Feed
  • Servo Motor
  • Integrated into the APEL line of Pouch Labelers
  • Exact Unit Count
  • E-stop for Feeder & Conveyor
  • Integrated Receptacle for Labeler & Conveyor
  • Built in Canada

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