Friction Feeder Machine

Accent Xpress Feeder AXF26

Introducing the brand-new Accent Xpress Feeder AXF26 to our line of innovative production and labeling equipment. This newly developed friction feeder machine is a standalone unit, allowing it to be paired with a large array of equipment. The AXF26 is capable of running 200 pouches per minute of various materials & characteristics. Ziplock and child resistant pouches are positively fed without closing the zipper or causing jams.

This system features two magazine roller to pull the bottom pouch out from the stack and transport it to two more separation rollers. These separation rollers have an adjustable speed differential to the magazine rollers, makeing automatic spacing between pouches easy.

As the AXF26 is a standalone system, it does not require any mechanical or electrical integration into conveyors. With an outfeed sensor, the AXF26 can dispense your pouches or cards onto a conveyor for labeling, counting or further processing. On the HMI, the operator can also select an overal total of pouches to be dispensed. Once the friction feeder machine dispenses the selected quantity, it will automatically stop.



  • Anodized Aluminum Construction
  • CSA Approved Design and Controls
  • Selectable Run Quantities within the HMI Touch Screen
  • Exact Unit Count
  • E-stop for Feeder & Conveyor
  • Integrated Receptacle for Labeler & Conveyor
  • Built in Canada


  • Poly Ziplock Pouches
  • Child Resistant Pouches
  • Kraft Pouches
  • Valved Coffee Pouches
  • 3mil & Greater Thickness
  • Pouch Size Range- 3″ x 3″ – 12″ x 16″

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