Tube Labeling Machine

Tube Labeling Machine APEL40R

Introducing the brand-new APEL40R Tube Labeling Machine to our line of Automatic Label Applicators. The APEL40R was designed to apply labels onto pre-roll tubes, vials, cartridges and other tall & narrow cylindrical containers.

Each container steadily travels horizontally in between rollers and guided by side guides to prepare for label application. After application, the label is adhered to the container underneath the overhead wrap belt.

With the capability to run either tapered or straight containers and the option to add automatic infeed, thermal transfer printing & more, we are certain we can provide a tube labeling machine solution to fit you best.


  • Novexx Solutions Label Head XLS204 for 40m/minute dispense speed and up to 4″ wide label width
  • +/- 0.5mm Label Placement Accuracy
  • Overhead Foam Wrap Belt
  • Fully Adjustable Guide Railing for Quick Changeover
  • Storage for up to 16 Product Profiles
  • Roller Conveyor for Containers to Travel Between


  • Up to 6″ Label Width with the XLS206 label head
  • Up to 9″ Label Width with the XLS209 label head
  • Automatic Infeed
  • Thermal Transfer Printing
  • Conveyor Width & Length Modification
  • Speed Encoding
  • HMI for Recipe Storage

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