Print and Apply Labeling Systems

Print Application

Whether you are printing barcodes, lot number, ingredients or any other variable data, you need print application in your production. Skipping the step of pre-printing your labels on a desktop printer, print inline with any of our great print and apply labeling system options.

The printers of the ALX 92x family are real high-performers characterized by top results in terms of printing and dispensing speed, by top print quality and useful features.
The construction of the printer makes maintenance and handling particularly easy, thus ensuring even greater efficiency.

Featuring automatic ribbon savings, this machine will assist you in reducing your consumables costs.

When Ribbon Savings is not paramount but easiness of operation is, the newly designed XPA934 print and apply labeling machine is the market leader when it comes to intuitive design.

The equipment manual can be recalled by scanning the QR code that appears in error states. Remote Operation via 7″ Panel PC including Real-Time Data Retrieval and Status Messages

Less down time is needed with the XPA during changeover as label and ribbon material is inserted easy within 1 minute.

Tool Free Maintenance and maximum installation flexibility for ease of use.

The ALX73x family of automatic print and apply labeling systems are designed to print your variable data on your label at fast speeds. Operating double the speed of the ALX92x at 50m/minute, you will never outperform this machines capabilities.

Featuring a loose-loop application process, this machine can be outfitted with any dispense edge allowing us to provide you with a truly customizable work horse.

Along with the rest of the ALX family, this machine offers automatic ribbon savings.



  • 300 dpi
  • 400mm(16″) /second print speed (80’/m)
  • 150mm (6″) Maximum Print Width
  • 15mm(1/2″) – 152mm(6″) Label Width
  • Automatic Ribbon Savings
  • 1 and 2 dimensional barcodes
  • 1 x five-key control panel with illuminated graphic display


  •  300 dpi
  •  300 mm(12″) /second print speed (60’/m)
  •  100mm(4″) Maximum Print Width
  •  20mm(3/4″) – 120mm(4.75″) Label Width
  •  LG Display with RGB Color backlight
  •  Upgrade to 7″ Industrial HMI with touchscreen
  •  Prints 1 and 2 dimensional barcodes
  • Easy Push Backing Paper Rewind


  •  300 dpi
  • 50m/minute or 165’/m Dispense Speed
  •  400 labels/minute output
  •  Up to 160mm print width
  • Loose Loop Application System
  • Multible dispense edge options
  •  2 x five key control panel with illuminated graphic display
  •  Automatic Ribbon Savings

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