The holiday season is a time of joy and celebration. People also shop more over the holiday season – whether it’s for gifts for loved ones or to stock up for all the parties and people they’re going to host. This makes it the ideal time for businesses to capitalize on the festive spirit and boost their sales. Unfortunately, every business has the same idea, and you need to think of innovative ways to make your products stand out on the shelves. One way to do this is by creating unique and eye-catching product packaging that reflects the holiday season. Read on to explore some ideas for product packaging that can help your business boost sales during the holidays. Packaging Ideas for the Holidays Holiday packaging is a great way to liven up your everyday packaging and show your customers that your brand is full of the festive spirit. There are plenty of ways to do this – it can be as simple as switching color schemes or as complex as creating a brand-new package design just for the holidays. A few ideas to get you going include:

  • Switch Color Schemes and Add Seasonal Images

Get stuck into the festivities by changing up your brand’s regular color scheme to reflect those of the holidays. For example, red and green packaging is reminiscent of Christmas and customers are more likely to consider your product over a ‘normally packaged’ product.

  • Create an Experience

There’s something magical about presents. The anticipation of what’s inside a beautifully wrapped gift, the soft swish of a ribbon as it is untied and the crackling of paper while unwrapping all add to the experience. A product that gives customers a similar sense of anticipation as it is unboxed is sure to do well on the shelves. Even something as simple as a little ‘handwritten’ label for a customer to read can contribute toward an experience. Such packaging makes a product enticing for customers looking for gifts too.

  • Go Seasonal – Literally!

Another way to create holiday-themed packaging is by using frosted packaging. Frosted packaging is a subtle and unique way to pay homage to frosty winter mornings. This packaging design idea is ideal if you’re looking to make minimal changes to your design for the holiday season. Many brands focus on Christmas-themed packaging designs, with little paying attention to the winter season. Focusing a little more on the season rather than the holiday could be what sets your brand apart from the rest on the shelf.

  • Try Reusable Packaging

Everyone has a tin or two lying around from a few holidays ago. Reuseable packaging is appealing to customers as it adds value to a product they already love. Reuseable packaging also shows your customers you care about the environment, making it appealing to the increasingly conscious consumer. A great benefit provided by reuseable packaging is that it acts as a constant reminder of your brand every time your customer looks at it, long after the holidays are over.  Benefits of Holiday Packaging Changing your packaging to match the festive mood offers multiple benefits.  Increases the Excitement Surrounding Your Brand: Old customers will love that your packaging matches their mood prompting them to pick up your special holiday edits. Festive packaging also has the potential to appeal to new clientele, helping you increase your customer base. Makes Everyday Products Gift-able: Festive packaging immediately adds a sprinkling of holiday magic. It can turn everyday products like a bar of soap into something giftable. Many people like to combine little items to make one big present. Festive packaging is a great way to make sure your products are a part of it. Creates a Lasting Emotional Connection: Whether a customer has smiled at a festive message included with your packaging, loved your wintery snowflake design, or enjoyed unboxing your special seasonal edit, it creates an emotional connection with your brand. That emotional connection lasts long after the holidays are over. Find the Right Packaging Product Manufacturer with Accent Packaging Seasonal packaging is just that – seasonal. That means you need to have the versatility to be able to change your packaging as the season demands. It’s easier to make changes to your packaging in terms of materials, containers, and designs when it is carried out in-house. Accent Packaging Equipment supplies the packaging solutions you’re looking for. Offering several different options and customizable equipment, we take pride in exceeding your expectations. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help!