Form-Fill Seal Equipment

Form Fill Seal

Vertical Form-Fill Seal Equipment is a combination of at least 2 separate components.

The part making the actual bag, commonly known as the bagger. The part filling the product into the bag can be anything.

  • Auger Filler
  • Piston Filler
  • Combination Scale
  • Inline Weigh Filler
  • Volumetric Cup Filler

It is mostly the integration of both components that make the installation successful. What type of filler is used is determined by the application.

Auger filling into form fill seal equipment still is the most common way of filling integration. Obvious advantages of this technology are speed and versatility. Auger fillers dispense the product through auger rotation, limiting the impact of the product at the bottom of the bag and reducing “back splash” of a long drop you would see on cup or weigh filling.

Piston Filling of course is used if liquid products are being packaged. The piston nozzle can reach far down into the former funnel to again reduce product back splash.

Combination Scales are needed when larger products such as tomatoes, lettuce, candy, gummies or products like it are to be packaged at high speeds.

Inline weigh fillers may be used for blending different candy colors into the pouch or for slower operations

Volumetric cup filling is a great technology if a desired volume rather than weight is to be packaged (i.e., PopCorn).

The options for our form-fill seal equipment are limitless.

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