Bud Filling

Bud Filling


The MiniWeigher is a radial combination weigh system specifically designed for the Cannabis industry.
With small, 0.1 Liter weigh buckets and a 0.01g loadcell, this machine is not only filling larger weighments from 3.5gram and up,
this combination scale can be used to fill your 1 gram packages at 1 % accuracy at more then 30 cycles per minute.
Features like load cell infeed detection, stepper motor hopper technology, color touch screen with 99 program recalls and a super small foot print make this system an excellent choice for an industry where space is often paramount.
The MiniWeigher comes standard with an infeed hopper that monitors the amount of product on the feeders.
With a Diverting Collection Assembly, overweights are rejected and never make it into the container.
This combination scale does things its competitors deny are possible.

Let us prove it!



  • 0.005Gr Internal resolution, 0.01Gr displayed
  • Windows touch screen with 256 memory locations
  • 10 lane cross section combination weighment
  • Automatic bud size sorting
  • Collection of buds too large for set weighment
  • Plunger to positively deposit into container
  • Stainless steel contact parts
  • High resolution load cells with oscillation damper


  • Bagging machine options
  • Poucher
  • Printer Integration
  • Labeling, coding, tracking, capping, transfer
  • Custom weighment capture

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