Front and Back Labeling Machine

Front & Back Labeling APEL60

Front and back labeling machine Model APEL60 manufactured by Accent Label Automation to apply labels onto F-Style Bottles or similar on both sides of the container.

Integration onto existing or new conveying systems is easily done via side transfer.

With the product profile memory, different label sizes, speed and location of label placement can be stored for quick recall during label change over.

With the HMI (Human Machine Interface) touch Screen you set up speed parameters to match the labelers conveyor speed with existing line speed or to desired speed.

From the centering belts to the top hold down trap belt or the label head dispense speed, all components are encoded that a single selection of conveyor speed on the HMI will change all relevant speed parameters for the front and back labeling machine.


  • 2 Novexx Label Head Model XLS204/6/9 with a stepper driven motor at 130′(40m) 100′(30m) or 82′(25m)maximum dispensing speed
  • Label Counter, Missing Label Detection and Auto Teach
  • Label Accuracy at dispensing edge +/- 0.5 mm
  • Max. 4″/6″/9″ Label Width and 12″ (304.8mm) Supply Roll
  • 8′ long 6″ wide short chain link Conveyor with Leveling Feet
  • Speed Encoder to lock all components with label dispense speed
  • Positioning or Centering Belt
  • Hold Down Belt
  • Human Machine Interface Touch Screen
  • Integrated Support Frame at 33″+-3″ or custom
  • Fully Adjustable Guide Railing


  • Up to 6″ Label width with the XLS206 label head
  • Up to 9″ Label Width with the XLS209 label head
  • Infeed and out feed integration
  • Hot Stamp Coder or Inkjet Coder
  • Print Applicator
  • Conveyor width and length modification

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