Gear Pump Filler

Gear Pump Filler

This gear pump filler, also known as a positive displacement filler, can fill the widest variety of products with a limited number of change parts. Being a table top unit, this filler is the perfect starter machine as it also allows for growth.  

With the easy to understand keypad, the filler can be set up for filling time and speed. When switched to fully automatic mode, a waiting time can be set up between fills, eliminating the need to manually actuate the cycle by pressing the foot switch. 

This system can be integrated with an indexing conveyor system which allows for two automation options; time delay between fills or signal from the index system. 

The filling valve has a plunger that seals the nozzle for thinner liquids but also forces the valve shut for chunky or thicker products. Products thicknesses that can be filled through this machine range from oils to salsa and everything in between. 

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