Health Canada, under the Cannabis Act, stipulates the expected cannabis packaging and labeling.

The act states the color, packaging, and labeling that your brand should follow.

Some of these regulations include having a single uniform color and emitting no sweet aromas.

And that’s understandable since cannabis comes in various forms like gummies, cookies, and other edibles. These edibles might confuse children if they are not standardized for labeling and packaging.

There are four reasons why clear and standardized labeling is critical:

1. Prevents Accidental Access

The most important reason for Health Canada setting regulations on cannabis packaging and labeling is to avoid accidental consumption.

Especially by children.

Cannabis products contain mainly tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD).

THC has psychotic effects. When consumed, THC products cause euphoria, increased heart rate, and altered perception. 

CBD, on the other hand, has no psychotic effects. According to studies, it has medicinal benefits, such as reducing chronic pain, inflammation, and anxiety.

As a result, the packaging labeling you choose must include these features shown in the table below. 


Single Uniform ColorConsistent branding and recognition.
Smooth TextureEnhanced accessibility for all consumers.
No Hidden FeaturesMaintain transparency and trust.
No Emission of Scent or SoundEnsure privacy and respect for public spaces

Furthermore, cannabis packaging should be child resistant because:

  1. Children could consume cannabis after confusing it with candy. Its psychotic effects, no matter how mild, could affect their physical and cognitive development.
  2. Prevent accidental ingestion by children, which could cause serious health risks like nausea, vomiting, dizziness and altered attention, learning, and problem-solving abilities.
  3. Prevent any legal consequences, as non-compliance with child-resistant packaging can result in fines and penalties enforced by Health Canada.

Therefore, you should comply with cannabis packaging regulations to avoid having children consume them by mistake.

2. Gain Consumer Trust 

When you label your cannabis packaging properly, you can increase consumer trust in your brand and goods.

Clear packaging labels provide your customers with the information they need to understand the proper dosage to consume.

So, after stocking or producing high-quality cannabis products, you should ensure that consumers know what they are consuming by simply reading the packaging.

This promotes transparency but also empowers consumers to make informed decisions. Then you’ll get repeat business because most customers want to work with companies that practice social responsibility.

And one way to demonstrate social responsibility is to prioritize child-resistant packaging and provide accurate and comprehensive product information.

3. Allows For Proper Tracking And Tracing

Sometimes contamination or safety issues arise regarding a specific cannabis product. Instead of recalling all products, tracing can easily identify the contaminated batch.

Tracing involves checking the unique identifier or code on the cannabis product label. Therefore your products should always have detailed information on the packaging like:

  • Product’s origin
  • Cultivation methods
  • Warning labels
  • Manufacturing and expiry Date
  • Potency percentage
  • Ingredients
  • Batch and lot number

This also helps in quality control. It is easy to check whether different production batches have the same quality by checking the date of manufacture on the label.

4. Communicates Your Brand Values

Even though Health Canada requires cannabis brands to use plain packaging and labeling, you can still capture the essence of your brand.

Most brands, like Nike, have become successful by using a minimalistic logo and labeling. Therefore, you do not need colorful packaging for your product to sell.

You only need to ensure your cannabis products, whether edibles, oils, creams, lotions, balms, flowers, buds or medicinal products, are high quality so that your customers always come back for more.

So, you can use a single uniform color that aligns with your brand’s values while setting the tone and mood you want to convey.

Also, you can design and place your logo on the packaging in a way that communicates your brand’s values without compromising on any set regulations.


Invest in Quality Custom Packaging and Labeling Machines

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