Positive Displacement Pump Filler

Positive Displacement Pump Filler

The positive displacement pump filler is extremely flexible and is designed to fill almost any product and any fill volume. Both thin and thick products can be run through this machine including products with large particles such as a chunky sauce.

How it works

The positive displacement pump filler’s master computer independently tracks the rotation of each pump head so that it knows precisely how much product has been delivered. When the target fill volume is reached, each pump and nozzle instantly shuts off, resulting in high accuracy fills. The computer stores all fill parameters in memory for fast changeovers.

Available systems and options

  • Single Head for operator actuated filling yet with highest accuracy to do customizable fill speeds
  • Dual Head with or without operator actuation, with or without conveyor
  • Multiple Heads fully automated, supplied with a 10 foot powered conveyor with programmable logic controller (PLC) and container sensors that control the machine functions.
  • Container indexing
  • Timing screw or spiral to position oval containers under the nozzles consistently.

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