Pouch Labeling Machine

Pouch Labeling APEL40PL

Pouch labeling machine Model APEL40PL manufactured by Accent Label Automation applies labels onto flat surfaces featuring a pouch loading platform and high friction belting.

Once your pouch or other product is fed onto the conveyor from the loading platform or AXF26, the high friction belting positively propels the bag for even and accurate label application.

This pouch labeling machine is built to be user friendly and versatile. Store up to 16 different product profiles consisting of different label sizes, speed and location of label placement within the machines memory for quick recall during changeover.

Upgrade your machine with the Accent designed and manufactured AXF26 Automatic Pouch Feeder to automate the process of feeding pouches onto the conveyor. The AXF26 will out perform any human operator hand feeding, getting your labeling job done quicker and more affordable.

Applying a label to both sides of your pouch? You need the APEL70PL!


  • Novexx Label Head Model XLS204 for 130′ or 40m/minute dispense speed
  • Label Counter, Missing Label Detection and Auto Teach
  • +/- 0.5 mm Label Placement Accuracy
  • High Friction Conveyor Belt 
  • Speed Encoder to lock label dispense speed with conveyor speed
  • Loading Platform for speedy loading of bags. (100+ pouches per minute)
  • Fully Adjustable Guide Railing for Quick Changeover


  • Up to 6″ Label width with the XLS206 label head
  • Up to 9″ Label Width with the XLS209 label head
  • Infeed and out feed integration
  • Hot Stamp Coder or Inkjet Coder
  • Print Applicator
  • Conveyor width and length modification
  •  AXF26 Automatic Feeder

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