The Cannabis Act–2018 sets out the legal requirements you must adhere to when packaging and labeling any cannabis product.

These Health Canada–enforced requirements safeguard the safety and integrity of your cannabis products while keeping the faith and confidence of your customers.

Therefore, these are the important elements of packaging cannabis that you must grasp in order to package your products legally.

Clearly State What Cannabis Ingredients

According to the regulatory standards for cannabis packaging, you must clearly disclose what ingredients your product contains.

This includes specifying the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD (cannabidiol), and other basic information in milligrams (mg) so that:

  • Your customers can check to see whether the product contains any substances that could cause allergic responses.
  • The manufacturers can be able to recall the specific product easily by checking the batch numbers displayed.
  • Your consumers can be able to know the right dosage to use so as to use it responsibly
  • You caution against specific groups of people using it like pregnant women, and minors.
  • You include any other relevant information such as; do not drive or use heavy machinery while using the product, do not use it if you find the seal broken and store it in a cool dry place.

Comply With the Packaging Design Guidelines

Laws on cannabis packaging have guidelines on what materials you should use. 

For instance, the table below shows when you can use the packaging materials to protect, preserve and contain the product without spilling.


MaterialWhen to Use
  • For high-end products that require a premium look and feel
  • When product visibility is important, allowing customers to see the contents
  • When the product requires moisture resistance packaging
  • When you prioritize sustainability and recyclability
  • For cost-effective packaging solutions
  • When the product does not necessarily have to be visible
  • For disposable or single-use packaging
  • When moisture resistance is not a top priority
  • For products that require a high level of protection and durability
  • For long-term storage and shelf stability
  • When product visibility is not a concern
  • For premium or luxury products
  • When you prioritize recyclability and sustainability
  • For eco-conscious brands and consumers
  • When moisture resistance is not critical
  • For products with shorter shelf life or quick consumption
  • For cost-effective and versatile packaging options

Adhere to Child-Resistant Packaging Requirements

To ensure product safety and compliance, you use child-resistant packages in products like edibles, concentrates, topicals, and other cannabis-infused products.

Child-resistant packaging has special closures, barriers, or mechanisms that require dexterity and strength beyond the capabilities of young children. This makes it hard for kids to tear the package open and consume cannabis products.

But you cannot use just any child-resistant packaging. 

The packaging material must undergo testing and receive certification from recognized authorities before you can use them on your cannabis products.

Strike a Balance Between Branding and Compliance

Compliance with the established standards for cannabis products is not the only thing you should prioritize.

Instead, the packaging you select should successfully represent the brand identity and product qualities, ensuring that it stands out on the market and appeals to consumers.

So when creating your branding elements to display on the packaging, align your identity with the set regulations governing cannabis packaging.

Use the recommended font size, color, warning labels and informational placement in such a way that your brand is also visibly seen.

However, to develop a unified brand image, keep your product lines consistent as you achieve a balance between branding and compliance.

Also, because the regulatory landscape is continuously evolving, stay up to date on the latest regulations imposed by Health Canada.

Get Quality Custom Packaging and Labeling Machines 

To comply with all the packaging regulations in Canada while staying true to your brand, you should collaborate with professionals like us to create custom packaging and labeling machines for you.

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Then, using our cutting-edge technology, we create the ideal packaging and labeling designs for your cannabis products, meeting all requirements and industry regulations.

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