Weigh Filling with the ME109 semi automatic net weigh filler for demanding but budget oriented applications.
This being the first building block for a sucessful filling operation, the ME109 weigh filler is upgradeable with many options to make it the perfect solution for a packager of grains or granulars as well as the roaster of specialty coffee beans or ground.

This machine enjoys thousands of installations all across the world where ease of use and reliability is key to grow a business.
We offer a performance guarantee with this machine if product and package samples are submitted.
Its heavy duty construction will make this weigh filler outlast other weigh fillers by many years while delivering accuracy unmatched by others.
Of course it doesn't stop with just beans or granulars. If you have larger products such as granola, fruit, pasta or confectionary products, you want to look at our ME1095 line up of weigh fillers.


  • •  2cu.ft. Hopper, Bucket, 2/10% standard accuracy
    •  All contact surfaces food grade stainless steel, unless noted
    •  All 14 interactive variables, including feeder speeds stored in (2) digit product memory location - no operator adjustment, no operator error
    •  Supervisor code to protect against accidental program alteration
    •  Socketed circuit boards and components for ease of repair
    •  One year parts warranty
    •  High speed and accuracy in one economical compact package
    •  Performance guarantee
    •  No moving, wears parts
    •  No maintenance required
    •  All equipment modified or engineered to meet your specific requirements
    •  100% USA designed and manufactured parts
    •  24-hour service turnaround
    •  Unlimited outputs/inputs for interfacing with peripheral equipment
    •  Proprietary hopper/feeder design eliminates flow control variables
    •  Weigh mode retained with each program - from grams to pounds to ounces, or store individual parts sample ratios
    •  Modular design for future upgrades or expansion

Initially designed for coffee people, the ME109 weigh filler comes with factory set parameters for commonly used weights (2,4,8,12,16oz / 50,100,250,500g) or with customer specific weights preprogrammed and can be recalled with a 2 digit code. 256 custom programs can be added with no special training or knowledge. This means that the ME109 weigh filler performs the same every time at 0.2% standard accuracy.


The ME109 compared with competitor scales

• Complete Disassembly and Reassembly in Minutes for Cleaning. This is very Valuable to Prevent Cross Contamination

• Knowledgeable Service Staff Available via Phone or On-Site Service – Almost 24/7

• No Maintenance Required

• Quality Assurance through Program Recall in Memory

• Supervisor Codes Ensure Integrity of Results – no Operator Error

• 0.2% Accuracy from Target Weight or better

• All Parts for Conversion are Standard to allow for Maximum Flexibility


• Accuracy and Reliability makes the ME109 cost less. MUCH LESS.

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