The APEL line of labelers integrates Novexx Solutions label heads into each system. Our print and apply
systems use the ALX print applicator due to its ruggedness and efficiency to get the job done. The ALX
printer utilizes the thermal transfer printing technology and features ribbon savings.

What is ribbon savings?

Ribbon savings is a feature in the ALX printer which lifts the print head from the label when no print is
required allowing you to use less ribbon. For example, if your label is 4” long and you only print on 1”
of that label, you will only use 1” of ribbon. Other printers on the market will use 4” of ribbon which
results in money wasted and faster ware of the printhead.

Why is ribbon savings important?

With ribbon savings you will cut costs of ribbon, extend the life of your printhead, have more uptime
and less changeover!

Learn more about ribbon savings in the video below!