Pouch labeler Model APEL40PL manufactured by Accent Label Automation applies labels onto flat surfaces featuring a pouch loading platform and high friction belting.
Automated Loading Systems can certainly be integrated to automate the placement of pouches into the conveyor.
With the product memory, all the different label sizes, speed and location of label placement can be stored for quick recall during label change over.
The high friction belting positively propels the bag for even and accurate label application.
With the loading platform this operation can be done by an operator easily at 100+ pouches per minute.


  • Novexx Label Head Model ALS204
  • Adjustable Dispense Edge
  • Stepper Driven Motor at 130' or 40m maximum dispensing speed
  • Label Counter, Missing Label Detection and Auto Teach
  • Label Accuracy at dispensing edge +/- 0.5 mm
  • Max. 4" (101mm) Label Width and 12" (304.8mm) Supply Roll
  • 4' long high tact Belt Conveyor with Leveling Feet
  • Speed Encoder to lock label dispense speed with conveyor speed
  • Bag Shelf for speedy loading of bags. (100+ pouches per minute)
  • Integrated Support Frame
  • Fully Adjustable Guide Railing

  • Up to 6" Label width with the ALS206 label head
  • Up to 9" Label Width with the ALS209 label head
  • Infeed and out feed integration
  • Hot Stamp Coder or Inkjet Coder
  • Print Applicator
  • Conveyor width and length modification

This pouch labeler enjoys installations in the coffee industry, seed or other food applications.
Pouch labeling or bag labeling is a good alternative to expensive inventory of large amounts of pouches when there are many SKU numbers to be stored. The APEL40PL pouch labeler can be upgraded with a print applicator for maximum versatility of printed information. With WiFi connectivity capabilities, label change over can literally be performed in the office.
A hot stamp coder can also be added to the pouch labeler, its versatility however is limited to Lot or date coding.

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