Equipment for Sanitary & Sterilization Packaging

Equipment for Sanitary & Sterilization Packaging

Due to recent events surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, we all must work together to keep our population safe. Many facilities are retrofitting their production to produce sterilization products such as hand sanitizer. To assist your response to this virus, we have put together a list for easy navigation to the machine that will serve you best.

Piston Filler

For liquids with a gel like consistency, piston fillers are the go to filler for that.
Single head for an operator to push a button or foot switch to fill one bottle at a time. Of course it too can be upgraded to multiple heads in fully automatic mode but as a single head machine it remains attractive to the entry level company.


Pressure Filler

For products with a water-like consistency or foaming characteristics. Pressure fillers can be purchased fully automatic or semi automatic. The semi autoamtic system would be outfitted with a slide table for the operator to push the bottles under the filling heads. A fully automatic pressure filler comes with a sturdier frame, conveyer and indexing system to automatically move the bottle along.

Positive Displacement Pump Filler

Positive Displacement Pump fillers or gear pump fillers as commonly known are your best choice for liquids from low to high viscosity. Regardless if your sanitizer is in gel format or ware like thin, this machine will deliver highest fill accuracy as each nozzle is controlled by its own gear pump.


Bottle Labeler

The APEL50 will automatically apply a label to your bottle. Several options available, from apply only to print and apply for speeds that will outperform any filler that is in front.


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