Semi Automatic Weigh Filling

Semi AUtomatic Weigh Filling

With a variety of equipment for different applications, you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for with Accent Packaging Equipment. You may be a start-up looking for something to take the weight off of your workers shoulders, or a large operation looking for a semi-automatic machine for small runs. You’ve come to the right place.

Our user friendly weigh fillers come standard with a touch screen that features alongside many other benefits an automatic learn feature.
You tell the machine the weight you want to fill and the controller will measure the products density and flow characteristics and set up all parameters automatically. This feature allows for easy switch between products that may have never been run on the weigh filler before.
It allows for the most junior person to be able to use the machine with confidence getting best accuracies.

We are confident that our selection of weigh fillers will do the job for you. 


We offer many customizations to our standard equipment so it works best for you. Whether you have an irregular or finicky product or space restrictions in your packaging room, Accent Packaging Equipment will listen to your needs and pair you with the best equipment for your team.


Our goal at Accent Packaging Equipment is to assist you in clearing any bottlenecks in your production due to packaging of your product. Whether you want to move past expensive labor from manual packaging, or can’t keep up with production requirements, our team is committed to helping you Create Your Packaging Success.

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