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Accent Packaging Equipment, offering filling equipment for powders, liquids, semi liquids, and granular or chunky products, from leading packaging equipment manufacturers. Whether you need a semi-automatic machine for your startup or a fully-automatic machine for your developed organization, our expertise ranges from standalone solutions to fully integrated packaging lines.

Accent Packaging Equipment is proud to serve many manufacturers and Fortune 500 companies with its revolutionary product line. We design, manufacture, and deliver application specific filling equipment for top manufacturing companies.

With our extensive experience, wide operational network, cutting-edge machinery products, and sophisticated installations, Accent Packaging Equipment is the choice that can make your filling installations absolutely trouble free.

Regardless of the company size or the industry you serve, we are here to meet your specific needs with our specially designed filling machines.
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  • Food/Beverage
  • Cosmetics
  • Medical
  • Cannabis
  • Coffee/Tea
  • & More!

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