Pre-Roll Filling

Pre-Roll Filling

The RollMaster420 is designed to fill your pre-made smoking cones with ground cannabis up to 1800 cones per hour.

This exclusive system is outfitted with a custom double lane linear net weigh scale and precisely fills 240 filling cavities. That tray will then be moved onto the cone tray to fill all 240 cones at once.

With adjustable vibration, density and duration, the cones can be compacted to individual preferences.


  • Linear 2 lane Micro Weigh Filler at 0.01 resolution and +- 0.02gram or 3% accuracy
  • Windows based touch screen with remote support, statistical analysis & custom reports
  • Custom Orientating System aligns cones along the X & Y axes for cone filling exactitude that avoids spillage and product waste.
  • Removable filling tray with 240 receiving pockets
  • Vibrating Packing station to achieve consistent density
  • USB operated web cam for monitoring operation of system

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