The ARTY75H is a versatile, low maintenance, horizontal flow wrapper for pillow type applications.
The end users are small and medium corporations in industries such as:
• Bakeries, bread and pastries as well as cookie and confectionery manufacturers.
• Snack food manufacturers and contract packagers 

The machine has higher speeds than the industry standard.
Single jaw: 125ppm, Double jaw: 180ppm, Quadruple jaws: 360ppm.
A single jaw machine uses only 1.3 KW per hour which represents a very low energy consumption.
No tools and no special skills are needed for set up.
Turn one hand-wheel to adjust the bag length,
turn one knob to adjust the bag width, switch off the infeed conveyor and place it in position with the jaws, guide the product with the telescopic side rails.

No change parts are needed from one application to another by using an adjustable forming box and telescopic side rails.
The change over is quick, made possible by using a self-centering reel holder.
The drive system is maintenance free by using a 3 phases AC motor and variable speed AC drive.
All product contact parts are removable without tools and are made from stainless steel #304 for easy cleaning.
Low maintenance, permanent lubricated gearbox with synthetic oil, mercury rotary switches instead of slip rings and brushes, self-lubricating bearings every where this is possible.
The machine can be equipped with four castors and four legs for mobility.
All parts and components are sourced in North America.

•  High Speed
•  Low Energy Consumption
•  No tool change over
•  No change parts
•  Virtually maintenance free
•  Easy cleaning
•  Mobility

•  Automatic Infeed
•  Photo Electric Registration
•  Hot Stamp Coder
•  Extended Infeed
•  Double Jaw or quadruple jaw
•  Collection Table


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