Arty 75HAccent Packaging Equipment Offers a Low Maintenance, Flexible Horizontal Flow Wrapping Machine

Accent Packaging Equipment has officially announced to launch the new and improved Arty 75H flow wrapper. The company, recognized for its feature-rich filling, packaging, and labeling equipment, has once again met its clients’ expectations with the upgraded version of Arty 75H. It has recently added advanced options and features in this horizontal flow wrapping system to enhance its basic functionality.

Arty75H Flow Wrapper with extended infeed
Arty75H Flow Wrapper with extended infeed

That's easy. A machine that puts the Sniggers bar in its sleeve.

That's better. There are huge differences.
If you need a flow wrapper, what are you looking for?
The cheapest thing you can find? Or.

• Reliability? • Ease of Operation? • Speed? • Change Over Time?

The Arty75H has a long track history to generate happy users.
Small, medium and larger companies have come to rely on it.

And now it has received a FACELIFT.

•  Set-up Touch Screen showing pictures of actual step to follow
•  Step by Step explanation to set-up new recipe
•  Print Register Set-ups in a few seconds by simply turning on the photocell
•  Machine will bring the jaws to home position and then automatically register the film
•  Optional Automatic Infeed allowing 1 untrained  operator to wrap at 150 plus packages per minute
•  Tooless Set-ups
•  Maintenance Free, No mechanics required
•  Industrial work horse at entry level prices
•  Capable of 3 times the speed of comparably priced machines
•  Proven technology that will not let you or your customers down
•  Peace of mind in knowing anybody can operate this system efficiently
•  Designed with the small to medium size manufacture in mind
•  No proprietary components
•  Made to grow with demands


T’was the Night before Christmas and all through the shop the staff worked feverishly to get the Job done. 
Their families a wait so Christmas can begin. Finally Dad arrives with a smile on his chin.
"I have finished my job and am ready to have Christmas begin."

Dad starts with a prayer for some equipment in the shop
that will allow him in a blink of an eye to finish his job .

The family sits to their evening meal, when suddenly they hear such a clatter.
They run outside to see what’s the matter. 
To their surprise they see a big Weigh Filler. All shiny and new and ready to fill.

“Oh Santa” the family screams in Joy.  "Thank you for the time we will have together."

Santa replies with a twinkle in his eye, “Your Boss has decided it is time to buy a full Packaging Line”.
So out went the call to Juergen, of course.

Juergen, the German, was quick on the draw.
He arrived in a truck full with Equipment and awe. 
Dressed in jeans and a wrench in hand, he went straight to work without command.
A short time later the shop hummed with a purr. 
Now Filling, Now Wrapping,  Now Sealing  and more, The shop more efficient than ever before.

The staff all smiled with so much joy, we will have so much time to share with our boys.

The Boss was calculating the savings he’ll have. 
With a smile and a deep sigh he said:  “Merry Christmas to all and enjoy your gift. 
Our Packaging line will give us a lift. To new heights our production can perk.
Thank you Juergen  for “Making it Work”! 


We at Accent Packaging wish you all a
Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  

Something interesting happened to me the other day.
A customer wanted us to look at a print label applicator they have bought from a Toronto company.
This machine came integrated with a till wrapping machine and since we supplied this customer with several other pieces of equipment,
we agreed to help out with this competitor machine.
We determined that it needed a new print engine.
Fair enough we thought, we get the part and replace it.
We called the manufacturer to place the order.
Little did we know. We were not authorized to purchase this part as this machine is not ours.
Company policy is to only sell parts to the owner of a machine if he also purchases the consumables (ribbon) from this manufacturer.
If the customer purchases consumables from a third party, he can purchase the part only from a manufacturer certified technician
who will only sell the part if he also installs it.
Those are the most draconian terms I have ever come across.
Protectionism in its glory.
So if you happen to have that machine and buy ribbon from a local guy, you pay for someones airplane ticket, time and expenses to get your machine fixed.

Moral of the story?
If you buy equipment from Accent Packaging Equipment, WE MAKE IT WORK! For you!

• Complete Disassembly and Reassembly in Minutes for Cleaning. This is very Valuable to Prevent Cross Contamination

• Knowledgeable Service Staff Available via Phone or On-Site Service – Almost 24/7

• No Maintenance Required

• Quality Assurance through Program Recall in Memory

• Supervisor Codes Ensure Integrity of Results – no Operator Error

• 0.2% Accuracy from Target Weight or better

• All Parts for Conversion are Standard to allow for Maximum Flexibility

• Accuracy and Reliability makes the ME109 cost less. MUCH LESS.

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