Accent Packaging Equipment supplies a Simple and Precise Filling System for Tea and Coffee Distributors


Accent Packaging Equipment, an established packaging equipment distributor, has recently announced to expand its product range with the inclusion of the advanced ME109CB Coffee filling machine. Striving to meet the needs of growing businesses, the company constantly offers custom-engineered packaging, filling, sealing, and labeling systems along with fully integrated solutions. It has now presented a cost-effective solution for clients manufacturing or distributing free flowing products.

ME109CBThe ME109CB Coffee is a semi automatic weigh filler that is widely used for coffee, tea, and other granular applications. When requested to highlight the primary features of this sophisticated weigh filler, the company representative said, “We have designed the ME109 filler such that our consumers can upgrade its features according to their specific requirements. This is the best technological solution they can use for roasted coffee beans or to package granular items. Made of quality materials, this heavy duty weigh filler offers unparalleled accuracy, speed, and efficiency.”

Accent Packaging Equipment claims to present cutting-edge equipment related to the filling and packaging industry. These electronic systems not only cost less, but also require less maintenance. Thus, the company helps its consumers make substantial savings on the machine’s cleaning and repairs. All contact surfaces in this machine are made of high quality stainless steel. The company can even customize its offerings according to specific clients’ needs.

“We have designed this compact machine to provide our clients with an economical filling solution. You can use grams, pounds, or ounces to set up the equipment’s weigh mode as per your requirements. All parts of the ME109 Coffee machine are backed by an exclusive one-year warranty. The attachments that are provided with every ME109CB weigh filler include a system stand, funnel kit, weigh bucket and hopper. Optional items would include Hopper, funnel and weigh bucket vibrators, as well as additional sizes of funnels and weigh buckets or vacuum loaders or baggers.  Offering better operational speed and accuracy, this filling equipment is the ultimate choice of manufacturing businesses looking to achieve their production or distribution targets,” the spokesperson further elaborated.

Accent Packaging Equipment helps many manufacturing companies with its innovative product line. Offering modular designs, the company ensures its clients can avail future upgrades or additional features. This effective weigh filling equipment can meet the needs of small and medium sized tea and coffee distributors. For more information regarding the ME109 net weigh filler and other company offerings, please visit

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Accent Packaging Equipment, a leading name in the packaging equipment industry, operates as a packaging equipment distributor. Since its inception in 2005, the company has been serving manufacturing companies related to different industries. It maintains a vast collection of sophisticated labeling, filling, packaging, and sealing systems that are designed according to the most stringent industry standards.

Accent Packaging Equipment ensures to customize its offerings according to the specific needs of its clients. For further information, please use the following contact details:

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