May 6th 2014-Seattle, USA: Accent Packaging Equipment, a packaging equipment company based in Surrey, British Colombia, unveiled their state of the art pouch filling machine at the SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) annual coffee show, which was held from April 25th to April 27th 2014.

“Though traditional coffee packaging via the use of an operator get the job done, we felt that  the market required even more labour savings. This is why we aimed to bring something new to the market, something that would make the process  fully automatic” said a representative for the company “Thankfully, ActionPac Sales & Automation spear headed the idea, which made it possible for us to launch the ME109Poucher system”.

The pouch weigh filler system gets the job done using a fully automated five step process. The first step involves picking up an empty pouch from a stack of pouches, which is then placed under the filling head by the system. As suction cups open the pouch, the ME109 weigh filler dispenses the product into it. An arm moves the pouch into the seal bar for heat sealing. . The process concludes with the discharge of the pouch whereas an optional conveyor can move the pouch to an off load table, during  which the next empty pouch is picked up and the process repeats all over again.

“Being in the business for as long as we have, it comes as a surprise to us that an automated pouch weigh filler system is not the norm but rather the exeption at coffee roasters in order to optimize the filling process,” says the company. “The pouch filling machine can also be used for many other granular including tea, so it’s not just limited to coffee.”

Semi Automatic coffee filling by means of an operator is restricted by the speed of the  at an average rate of 10-12 packages per minute, the ME109Poucher can fill up to 15 pouches per minute increasing thereby  efficiency . “The initial investments for the ME109 poucher system will break-even within one year, due to the resource savings that companies would otherwise pay to an operator.”

Accent Packaging Equipment plans on introducing three varieties of the system; one that could just fill up stand up pouches, another that only works for the filling of side gusset pouches, and a third one that could work with both types of pouches.

“This is not the purchasing decision you would consider to move into automated filling. This is the purchasing decision you make to reduce cost of your successful business.”

Another reason companies might find the investment attractive is the excellent customer support provided. This includes pre-purchase consultation on whether the system runs with any particular set of granular and pouches, along with extended warranty coverage that guarantees that the system will last for years to come.

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