Surrey, BC-based industrial equipment experts, Accent Packaging Equipment are now introducing clients to the performance advantages of the ME109 Weigh Filler. This recent innovation has been uniquely designed for weighing and packaging granular products such as coffee with seamless precision and unparalleled performance efficiency.

Companies within the packaging marketplace must continually improve the efficiency of the processes in order to meet the high standards set by their competitors. This means they must introduce weigh filler products that are not only exceptionally efficient when completing weighing and filling processes, but also products that are durable, to ensure performance longevity and limited downtime. It’s for these reasons that packaging firms are now turning to the latest weigh filler solutions such as the ME109, from the team at Accent Packaging Equipment.

Accent Packaging Equipment is a Surrey, BC-based firm with an unending commitment to superior machine performance. Their ME109 system is a classic example of the company’s core product quality. One of the leading operational benefits served through integrating the ME109 within the modern packaging process is that the product offers unmatched accuracy within a compact design, making it ideal for growing packaging companies across North America. And the integration of socketed circuit boards and components means any system repairs can be completed within a limited turnaround time. In addition, because the machine is able to store all interactive variables within an on-board system memory location, the ME109 can help mitigate issues related to operator error. It’s the high performance system for companies that require superior granule and grain packaging efficiency.

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