The APEL line of labelers integrates Novexx Solutions label heads into each system. Our print and apply
systems use the ALX print applicator due to its ruggedness and efficiency to get the job done. The ALX
printer utilizes the thermal transfer printing technology and features ribbon savings.

What is ribbon savings?

Accent Packaging Equipment Announces Best in Quality Packaging Equipment


July 25, 2014- Surrey, BC Accent Packaging Equipment has just announced that that they are offering clients the highest quality packaging equipment available on the market. Investing in packaging equipment for a commercial setup requires significant research because it’s not just about capital but the enterprise and brand’s reputation. Manufacturing industries need to locate the best in innovation and quality, while ensuring ease of use and flexibility in operation. Accent Packaging Equipment knows the industry and needs of their clients. They strive to provide the best in packaging equipment to enterprises and organizations that meet or exceed expectation.


Investing in packaging equipment for your commercial setup requires careful thought and research because it’s not just about your capital but your brand’s reputation that’s at stake. Manufacturing industries have to think a mile ahead when it comes to packaging, refilling and labeling equipment and choose products that not only offer the best in innovation and quality, but also ensure ease of use and flexibility in operation.

Surrey, BC-based industrial equipment experts, Accent Packaging Equipment are now introducing clients to the performance advantages of the ME109 Weigh Filler. This recent innovation has been uniquely designed for weighing and packaging granular products such as coffee with seamless precision and unparalleled performance efficiency.

May 6th 2014-Seattle, USA: Accent Packaging Equipment, a packaging equipment company based in Surrey, British Colombia, unveiled their state of the art pouch filling machine at the SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) annual coffee show, which was held from April 25th to April 27th 2014.

“Though traditional coffee packaging via the use of an operator get the job done, we felt that  the market required even more labour savings. This is why we aimed to bring something new to the market, something that would make the process  fully automatic” said a representative for the company “Thankfully, ActionPac Sales & Automation spear headed the idea, which made it possible for us to launch the ME109Poucher system”.

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