Terrelli Coffee had 3 choices to continue business.

  1. Continue as they have by dreading phone calls of coffee orders because that meant long hours of roasting and packaging.
  2. Hiring people to help out with the packaging
  3. Hire technological help

#3 was the only choice making sense as that not only meant faster through put of production volumes but also cost savings in reduced product give away.

Where to go, where to turn?
Larry did his homework, compared offers on a white board. Several columns with pricing and different options.
One company stood out with the lowest price, several thousand dollars less than all others.
It became clear however that the cheapest amount of expenditure does not necessary advance in business.
So he decided on the ME109 from Accent Packaging Equipment.
This seemed to be most versatile for starters yet more importantly, there was someone to talk to
and someone that came by to assure the equipment would do the job in the environment it was meant for. 

“I was afraid that your competitors would drop the equipment off and expect us to put it together and figure it all out on our own.
Also, you are the only guy that came out to see our set up before we even signed up!”

6 weeks later, the ME109 coffee weigh filler complete with
• a vacuum loader,
• 5lb. bucket and funnel kit
• Hopper, Bucket and Funnel Vibrators
• Nitrogen flush and side gusset former funnel

helped Larry and Melissa to reduce packaging time from 7 hours a batch to 1 hour.
Cost Savings because of accurate weights are gravy.
Now the phone can ring to deliver more orders.

Would Larry make the same decision again?

 “Absolutely I would buy this machine again.
The entire experience has been great and I can’t believe
how this system has changed our business approach.”


Juergen, We just wanted to tell you thanks for all of the help you provided in our project.

Accent Packaging helped us to specify the correct machine for our application.  The weigh filler is easy to set up and runs very consistent product.  We have also programmed the machine to run an additional size.  The programming was easy to perform and worked as expected. 

Thanks again for your help.

Thomas F. Vander Voord
Director of Operations
Heath Outdoor Products

We have been using your labeler for 2 years.

Considering the abuse the equipment takes from the employees plus the condition of area where it's being used, it stands up quite well.

I appreciate your service and support and would definitely recommend your company to anyone who asks.

Rick Watters
Champs Mushrooms

The 8 head liquid filler we purchased from you turned out to be very reliable and user friendly.

We appreciate that you and your team was completely involved in the installation and training process. You have been always available and were prompt to our needs, service and support regarding this line. If I had to rate the quality of machine and installation, I would give it a 9 out of 10.

Peter Winning
Plant Manager
Applied Plant Science

Since we purchased a label applicator from your Firm, we have been happy with our purchase.

Our purchase was a very pleasant experience, the professional conduct and technical knowledge at Accent Packaging Equipment assured us that we made the right decision for the job and we got good value for the money. The Labeller is an Avery Dennison applicator Model ALS-206.

Although we had an early warranty issue which was dealt with quickly and efficiently, the labeler’s quality and performance promises to give us many years of production.When we require more packaging equipment, we will definitely contact Juergen at Accent Packaging Equipment again. Untill then, we wish them all the best.
Paul Paré,
operation mgr 
Fazio Foods Int’l Ltd,


The APEL40 Clamshell labeler we purchased form you is a fantastic fit for our facility. We integrated the machine into our line and it was a seamless process. The video you created made the install and raining almost effortless.  The labeler is easy to use and Ruben, our production manager is walking around with a smile on his face
It was a great pleasure working with you on this project and even a greater pleasure to receive such a great piece of equipment.
Thank you Juergen, based on functionaIity and your great service I know you will sell a lot of these labelers.
Tony Giuliano
Little Brothers Bakery

Hi Juergen

In April of 2011 we took delivery of the ME109CP net weigh powder filler we purchased from you.
The machine arrived in good condition and also worked right away after a brief installation.
We did have a warranty issue with the controls that was dealt with by you and ActionPac swiftly and professionally.
We have been using this powder filler ever since to fill our Flax Meal into 1 pound bags and are really happy with the accuracy it delivers. We also like the easiness of operation.
The machine is build sound and sturdy promising us many years of reliable production.
During the sales process you have promised us a great machine that will work for us and I can honestly say that you have not oversold in any way.
If we require any weigh fill machines in the future we will definitely look again to purchase an ActionPac weigh filler through Accent Packaging Equipment.
Best wishes
Terry Drayson
Production Manager
Shape Foods, Inc. 

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