ME1095CT Weigh Filler

Our semi automatic line of weigh filler includes machines that are optimized for dry and chunky products as well as for frozen, sticky, bulky, wet, oblong or any other product property that may need weigh fill technology for filling. All machines are constructed with the order. No machine is taken "off the shelf" and shipped with the hope that it may work.
Our guarantee is that it will work and this takes custom engineering, custom manufacturing, and sometimes extensive product testing.

Weigh fill machines range from single lane weigh filling to multiple lane for increased speed or for blending different components.

Call us to find out more how this approach to your project can benefit you.

  • ME-1095 Linear Net Weigh System with Lane Gate and 5" wide feeder pan 2.3cu.ft. Hopper, Bucket, 2/10% standard accuracy
  • All contact surfaces food grade stainless steel, unless noted
  • All 14 interactive variables, including feeder speeds stored in (2) digit product memory location - no operator adjustment, no operator error
  • Supervisor code to protect against accidental program alteration
  • Socketed circuit boards and components for ease of repair
  • One year parts warranty
  • High speed and accuracy in one economical compact package
  • Performance guarantee
  • No moving, wears parts
  • No maintenance required
  • All equipment modified or engineered to meet your specific requirements
  • 100% USA designed and manufactured parts
  • 24-hour service turnaround
  • Unlimited outputs/inputs for interfacing with peripheral equipment
  • Proprietary hopper/feeder design eliminates flow control variables
  • Weigh mode retained with each program - from grams to pounds to ounces, or store individual parts sample ratios
  • Modular design for future upgrades or expansion
  • Custom Sized Weigh Buckets
  • Stand Up Pouch Style Former Funne
  • Side Gusset Style Pouch Former Funnel
  • Vacuum, Cleat or Bucket Elevator
  • Super Sack Unloading Structure
  • Dimpled Stanless Steel
  • Power Funnel
  • Nitrogen Flush
  • Vibrators on Hopper, Weigh Bucket and Funnel
  • Spare Parts Kit
  • Electro Polished Stainless Steel
  • Lane Gate


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