The Arty75H in review

Arty75H Flow Wrapper with extended infeed
Arty75H Flow Wrapper with extended infeed

That's easy. A machine that puts the Sniggers bar in its sleeve.

That's better. There are huge differences.
If you need a flow wrapper, what are you looking for?
The cheapest thing you can find? Or.

• Reliability? • Ease of Operation? • Speed? • Change Over Time?

The Arty75H has a long track history to generate happy users.
Small, medium and larger companies have come to rely on it.

And now it has received a FACELIFT.

•  Set-up Touch Screen showing pictures of actual step to follow
•  Step by Step explanation to set-up new recipe
•  Print Register Set-ups in a few seconds by simply turning on the photocell
•  Machine will bring the jaws to home position and then automatically register the film
•  Optional Automatic Infeed allowing 1 untrained  operator to wrap at 150 plus packages per minute
•  Tooless Set-ups
•  Maintenance Free, No mechanics required
•  Industrial work horse at entry level prices
•  Capable of 3 times the speed of comparably priced machines
•  Proven technology that will not let you or your customers down
•  Peace of mind in knowing anybody can operate this system efficiently
•  Designed with the small to medium size manufacture in mind
•  No proprietary components
•  Made to grow with demands


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